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Gary Caos – Music & Lights [EP]

Gary Caos is on his way to becoming a house music superstar. With humble beginnings built in the business side of the music industry, the eccentric Italian producer has been frequently churning out funky tunes that pay homage to the roots of today’s dance music. This week he’s released an EP entitled Music & Lights that samples vocals from the similarly-named hit single from 1980s band Imagination. With a sexy bassline and catchy vocals and deeper bass rubbing remixes from Gramaphonedzie and Bad Taste, the EP is a perfect find for the summertime.

Music & Lights

Gary Caos, Gramaphonedzie, Bad Taste

  • Guesthouse Music
Deep House · House


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  • The sample is from Tiger & Woods excellent track "Gin Nation." If you like this song, you'll love the Tiger & Woods version. :)

    Rylan Smith Rylan Smith June 26, 2013 10:12 AM Reply

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