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Midi Matilda - "Just My Imagination" (The Temptations Cover)[Video]

Midi Matilda is an indie pop duo  from San Francisco, California, which consists of Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé. They are quite new, but they boast an addicting, high-octane style that can be quite infectious. Their tunes are littered with synth-goodness and anthem-like lyrics that makes you want to sing along. With only one EP, Red Light District, which was released over a year ago, it's pretty hard to tell what their sounds are shaping up to be or what path they are currently taking. Even thought they have just one release, their likeablility and easy listening tunes effortlessly convert casual listeners to fans. Just recently, they released a bumpin' cover of The Temptations's "Just My Imagination", which reaffirms their staying power and creativity. The cover revamps and re-works the foundations of this classic song into a modern day groove without overdoing it. 



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