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Octa Push - "Bright Lights" Feat. Alex Klimovitsky [Premiere]

Geez, Senseless Records doesn’t quit. They just dropped an LP from Sarantis not even a month ago, and they’re already back with another from Lisbon’s Octa Push. Oito is the usual you’ve come to expect from Senseless–styles on styles, genres on genres–and still anything but predictable. Enter “Bright Lights”, the first track from the album and a perfect example of this. Alex Klimovitsky of Youthless lays down vocals over a catchy, driving dance beat.

"Bass," house, a smorgasbord of vocals, and a smattering of Portuguese influences remain common themes of the LP. Fans of SBTRKT would do well not to miss this engaging and consistent album–some qualities that are often overlooked these days in the fervent search to be/coattail-hitch the next thing. Listen to more tracks from the album here and here. Look for Oito on June 17th.  

Bass · Dance · Electronic · Indie


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7 years ago

This is dope