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Sweatshop Boys - 'Wide World' (Mosca Ghetto Remix)

This supposed 'Ghetto Remix' is one of three of Mosca's remixes on the Sweatshop Boys (who are comprised of Lee Curtiss, Ryan Crosson and Cesar Mervielle) - all being from Visionquest and have come together to produce some big collabaration tunes under the Leftroom label.

This remix completely rearranges the orginal song transforming the vocals into a disjointed number of screams, stripping away a lot of the softer layers to turn this one into a simple yet effective tune. The remix could be linked back to the raw house vibes of the early house scene in Chicago and therefore by association, to the relaunch of Dance Mania earlier this year. All three remixes serve their unique purposes--this one is just a no-nonsense banger.

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