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Poolside - "If We Make It"

Poolside is an indie band hailing from Los Angeles, California. The driving forces behind the band are Filip Nikolic and Jeffrey Paradise, who love to create music to complement great weather and anything fun in the sun. Their debut album Pacific Standard Time was released a little while ago and was met with positive vibes--great-weather vibes, if you will. Poolside's style and sounds are tailored for the lackadaisical enjoying the breeze brushing their hair aside, or reclining on an inflatable tube in the middle of a pool. With summer knocking hard on the front door, their relevance is at a maximum.

Their latest released single "If We Make It" does little to deviate from the defining characteristics of Poolside's debut album. Within this particular tune, you'll find yourself tossed into modest synths and retro-sounding percussion coupled with funk-driven bass making its statement in the background. Dreamy vocals lather all the elements together into yet another good-feeling soundtrack for your summer shenanigans.



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