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Jez Dior - "Move On" [Video]

It's not every day I feel the need to preface a post with a warning, but it's absolutely imperative that I do. The accompanying video to Jez Dior's "Move On" has a high likelihood of causing seizures if you are prone to such things. Directed by Tyler Yee, I'm mesmerized by the flashing lights much like a little kid at a candy store. But I'm quickly snapped out of that trance once Lana Del Rey's "Dark Paradise" sample transforms itself into a thriving dubstep-esque production.

With this revamped production provided by Danny Score, Jez employs a more aggressive approach with his vocals. Choosing not to sugarcoat his words to all his naysayers and haters, as heard with "they put me down, I wouldn't quit. Look at me now screaming 'fuck you and suck my dick'", Jez spits with a reckless abandon that is only contained until the end of the song. In that sense, Yee chooses an appropriate setting for the video -- an arid desert that can be unforgiving if you happen across it. "Move On" is slated to be released on Jez's upcoming album, Scarlett Sage, slated for release on June 12th, so peel your eyes away from those flashing lights and prepare yourself for what Jez has in store.

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