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Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light [EP]

With hundreds, if not thousands, of songs releasing each day, it can be hard not to be bogged down in the general milieu of sub-par electronic music.  Dashing that all to pieces, Far Too Loud, the Brit from Brighton, lays down a biting complextro EP with Faster Than Light, a grimy exploration all things electro. Having recently surpassed 50,000 fans on Facebook and a whopping two million plays on Soundcloud, the cheeky artist, also known as Oli Cash, has captivated an already impressive audience.

The four-track tour de force begins with “Cybertron”, the EP’s most misleading song due to a softer introduction that grows into warmer chords, before suddenly breaking into a skipping bass beat. In the midsection you’ll also find a surprise: melodic riffs that harken back to “Fuse” by Hudson Mohawke.

Stream: Far Too Loud - Cybertron (Original Mix)

Continuing on, the tracks transform into the complextro blends we have come to expect from Cash. “Light Sticks” offers a more minimal peek into this genre, with some big beat elements and an alternating clap that hits on the 2 and 4 counts. Conversely, the EP’s title track, “Faster Than Light”, delivers an unrelenting assault of syncopation and bass. Shuddering synth lines erupt on the drops, which all lead up to an explosive drum ‘n’ bass finale. And just for kicks, the track makes use of what seems to be the voice omnipresent actor, Morgan Freeman.

Stream: Far Too Loud - Light Sticks (Original Mix)

Stream:Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light (Original Mix)

Rounding off the EP, “Trailmixing” does just what the track sounds like it what do: offer up a combo pack of electronic experiences. In it you'll find moombahton blending into bubbly dub lines, then falling into a vocally-pushed, trippy breaks, until the track rises into oblivion and finishes off the EP. Two ears up for a mesmerizing journey through space and sound.

Stream:Far Too Loud - Trailmixing (Original Mix)

Far Too Loud will be continuing with his American tour, this week in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Albuquerque.


Far Too Loud

Faster Than Light [EP]

  • No Tomorrow Recordings
  • 2013-06-03
Dance · Dubstep · Electro House


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7 years ago

Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light [EP]: With hundreds, if not thousands, of songs releasing each day, it can be... http://t.co/ouViJW22wx

7 years ago

FAR TOO LOUD does it again! Amazing Ep From an AMAZING PRODUCER!

Mixtape Radio Daily
7 years ago

Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light [EP] http://t.co/zSKavXMPyt