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Sir Michael Rocks - "Madness" (Feat. Mac Miller)

As one half of rap duo Cool Kids, Chicago native Sir Michael Rocks’ hip-hop resume need not be questioned, but “Madness” is a track that goes further to define him as a presence in his own right. With support in the form of a throwback feature and hook, Mac Miller goes in like we know only he can over some presidential production on the part of Syk Sense.

We’ve already seen Rocks and Mac collaborate on tracks like “Great” and “Aliens Fighting Robots” with pleasing results, but this latest offering comes with doubled energy and intensity that arguably eclipses both to exemplify an ever-developing rapport between the two.

As mixtapes go, first impressions are always important, and fortunately for Sir Michael Rocks, this track serves as an explicit indication that his sixth mixtape While You Wait (just released on May 30 as a free download via Soundcloud) is not something to be passed on.



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