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Quadron - "Sea Salt"

Fresh off their amazing collaboration with Kendrick LamarQuadron just released their new single--the beautiful, breezy "Sea Salt." This Danish duo (vocalist Coco O. and producer Robin Hannibal) hails from Copenhagen, and has been creating quite a stir among music critics. "Sea Salt" is the third offering from their new album, following the thumping "Hey Love" and jazzy "Better Off" featuring Kendrick. Of the new song, the duo describe it as an "ode to the neo soul vibe of the 2000s, and we added lap steel guitar to give it a different feel. Put this on when you are driving late at nights or in the bedroom.” Quadron is definitely a duo to get excited about. Listen to "Sea Salt" below.

Stream: Quadron - Sea Salt

Avalanche will be released June 4 via Epic Records imprint Vested In Culture.



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7 years ago

Quadron - "Sea Salt": Fresh off their amazing collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, Quadron just released their n... http://t.co/cIhU4tqgf6

Terron Sutton
Terron Sutton
7 years ago

This is the sexiest song I've heard all year..Thank you!!

Mixtape Radio Daily
7 years ago

Quadron - "Sea Salt" http://t.co/IFuK9RbBa8

I Don't Like You
7 years ago

Coco O's voice kind of reminds me of @amellarrieux. Hear Coco on @quadronmusic's stellar track, SEA SALT ---> http://t.co/Jlf7eiaAeN