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Sanctums - MM001 [EP Stream + Video]

While Calgary's Sanctums are dropping the first release on their own newly established label Modern Math Recordings, this isn't their first foray. Among others, their Truth Lifting Up Its Head Against Scandals freelease turned some beat heads and piqued some ears; get ready for more piquing because MM001 is an experimental treat. The EP starts out with the subdued "Thirst or Land" and "Tympanum", each equally ominous and hypnotic gelid house grooves. Atmosphere is center stage here, expertly weaved and maintained by lush pads and eyesdown percussion. While one might suspect "Satellite Past Tense" to follow the same mood, instead its heavenly chords descend and uplift to a beautiful place. Check out the stunning video for proof:

"Magnum Opiate" picks up the downtempo smoothness with a bit of an IDM flavor. As it is easy to get lost in the vibes, the EP's final two tracks transform the overall sound with dark and frosty 4x4, including the head-spinner "Pyramid Scheme". This EP is a pleasant paradox--simple yet complex, effective in any style style it treks. Listen in full below.


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