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Jungle - "Platoon"

When I think of a jungle sounds, I usually picture one of those Amazon Rainforest CD’s you find in the music section of a Whole Foods Market. Well not in this case. There is a new production outfit hailing from the London, UK, named Jungle. While there is little info on the group, that won’t deter me from sharing the debut single “Platoon.” First premiered on Noisey and already picked up by Zane Lowe on his Radio 1 show, the track is certainly an indication of something exciting and new. Noisey compares “Platoon” to  “the best murk-ridden wallow through uncharted swamps that we’ve ever heard.” Like a Joseph Conrad novel, this track lures you in further and further into the deep reaches of a complex melody. Starting around the 3-minute mark the track invokes a tempting sound of ethereal electronic grooves, with a focus on elusiveness that is both appealing and hypnotic. The track drops July 15th via the esteemed tastemaker Chess Club Records along with an accompanying track “Drops.” It’s a jungle out there and these guys have got the goods, go ahead and give it a listen. 

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