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Robb Bank$ - "All The Way Live"

South Florida rapper Robb Bank$ recently released a new track titled "All the Way Live". The slowed syrup-induced sound has become a signature of Robb's and his Raider Klan partners. In this song he talks about a girl that he's feeling and the fact that she's "all the way live". The instrumental for this was put together by SpaceGhostPurrp who is the founder of the Raider Klan.

I find this new Florida movement really dope because unlike other movements that are forming throughout the U.S.A, these guys don't seem to really care about anything! The music comes off as being written just for close homies and those that understand the wave. When it comes to promotion or networking you don't see these guys making trips around the country or showing up at industry parties for exposure. So you have to give them their added props, even though there is nothing wrong for doing the needed promotion. "All the Way Live" is set to be on Robb's upcoming project The City which will be coming out soon. Stream below and get in tune with the South Florida movement.

[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/basedobp/robb-bank-all-the-way-live"]



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