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Julia Losfelt - "Away"

Representing Paris, France, Julia Losfelt brings her sensually soothing vocals and production skills to our attention. Losfelt's oddly chilling voice stands out with swirling, minimalistic effects and beats to back it up. Partnering up with Andrea Moonchild, who recently released Cruising, the two artists make up the start to their newly founded record label called Moose Records. Their aim more or less is to have artists under their label vibe these types of chill and mellow sounds. Given that Dream Koala and Bear//Face are under this record label, that might give you a hint of their future path.

So what type of chill and mellow sounds does Losfelt has to offer? Cue up her latest tune, "Away" demonstrating that not one, but both of the co-founders of Moose Records have plenty of game to back themselves up. "Away" revolves around Losfelt's innocent sounding vocals with organic-feeling, minimalistic beats in the background. Modest guitar loops and ambient effects are interwoven between the layers as her singing takes us away to the clouds and above.



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