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Wankelmut & Emma Louise - My Head Is A Jungle [EP]

Yes, you might have heard "My Head Is A Jungle" before. It's a track that's been tossed around, previewed, and released in parts. But this week we finally get the full range of the track all in one place thanks to Poesia Music. German techno veteran Wankelmut paired his knowledge of the deeper sides of underground with the unbelievably sultry and soft vocals of Emma Louise to produce a timeless track. "My Head Is A Jungle" proves that Wankelmut's influence on Berlin-style techno has not been a limiting success for the producer: you can hear the influences from other realms creep into this track, and help meld the elements together. The deeper pieces of the composition work so well together, that Louise's vocals are highlighted in a beautiful way. Check out the below mixes that include the original as well as tech house and nu disco approaches thanks to Brazilian national star Gui Boratto, Dutch producer Solee and the Copenhagen-based Kasper Bjorke.

Deep House · House · Tech House


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