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Earmilk Exclusive: Zoo Brazil - "Desert Girls Part One: Give Myself" (Feat. Ursula Rucker)

John Andersson, better known as Zoo Brazil, has been igniting dance floors across the world for years. With over 160 singles and 8 albums in his pocket he has built quite the reputation as one of dance music's most innovative and respected producers and DJs. His accolades include a smash hit album Please Don’t Panic, which drew eyes and ears from all over the world. He produced and wrote for Kylie Minogue’s hit “The One,” on her Grammy nominated album X, and as far as extraordinary remixer goes, his roster includes the likes of Lana Del Rey, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Rex The Dog, James Holden, Pleasurekraft, Sebastien Leger, John Dahlback, Green Velvet, Human League and many more.

In an effort to support his follow up album, Any Moment Now, he will be doing a series of music video compilations. Today we have the exclusive sneak peak at the first video in the trilogy for his fresh new single “Give Myself” Feat. Ursula Rucker and it is extra spicy to say the least. Calling it the ‘Desert Girls’ trilogy, this one was shot on location in California earlier this year and takes the theme and narrative of a road trip through the state’s desert landscape.

Produced and directed by the talented Djay Brawner the video pays homage to Easy Rider with two very attractive female leads taking the wheel. Andersson explains, "I’ve always wanted to do a short film to accompany my music, and this idea finally came to life after a meeting with Arny Bink from Black Hole - almost 3 years ago now, and before a single note was written for the album. After a few hectic - and wonderful moments - in California we’re ready to unleash it to the world” With motorcycles, motels, guns, and 2 seriously badass women, this video will leave you wanting more. Good thing it is “to be continued”

When discussing the new album, John said: “For this album I only worked with vintage gear and classic analogue synths that I played live instead of programming them. It gives the entire structure of all songs a warm, human touch. It’s still an electronic dance album, obviously, but I wanted to avoid big room melodies and vocals. My goal was to turn Any Moment Now into a timeless piece of work. I hope that five, ten or even fifteen years from now, the music is still as fresh, original and danceable as it is now; just like an album I would listen to myself still. You just know that it’s amazing music that engages and inspires, up to this day. A good song is always a good song and the future will tell.”

Check out the video and stay tuned for Part II and III. Also be sure to grab the album and single available now on Magik Muzik.

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