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Grip Grand - GG Doom! But How? [MF DOOM Remix Project]

 GG Doom! But How? is the new project from California based producer Grip Grand. This album is a mash up of MF DOOM acapella's and fresh Grip Grand beats, making for interesting listening. On the lyricism side of this project, its all you would expect from a Doom track. Using acapellas from Doom tracks such as "Ghostwhirl" and "My Favorite Ladies", thrown against soulful instrumentals produced by Grip Grand, this project will have your head bumpin' the whole way through. My personal favourite off this project is "Jive Turkeys", with Doom's flow skipping perfectly over a beat that has one of the nicest samples I've heard in a while, with a soulful saxophone over a funky bassline. This whole project is available over at Grip Grand's Bandcamp, with a 'name your price' starting from as little as $1. Follow the Bandcamp link below to listen to the project in it's entirety and if you're feelin' it, you can download from there too!



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