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Mitis - "Born" Feat. Collin Mcloughlin (Vocal Mix)

Dubstep producer Mitis has unleashed his EP Born, featuring my favorite track "Born" with vocals from one of my favorite upcoming vocal and EDM talents Collin Mcloughlin. Collin was most notable for his appearance on NBC's show "The Voice", in which he showcased not only his acoustic talent, but also how multi-faceted his vocals were.

Mcloughlin recently  broke into the EDM scene with his heartfelt and emotionally filled vocals on Vicetone's track "Heartbeat", which reached top 20 on the Beatport charts. Mitis' instrumentals on this track provide for a more soothing and melodic song, while still maintaining a dubstep song structure. What needs to be noted is how Mcloughlin's vocals bring this track to a whole new level. The combination of such uplifting vocals and Mitis' chillstep instrumentals makes this song an instant hit.

I asked Collin how this collaboration came to fruition and he responded,"I came across Mitis's music a few months ago, and thought he was doing some amazing stuff. We both are extremely melodic producers so I found his sound immediately appealing, and I emailed him saying I wanted to collaborate. We decided that my voice would do well on his track "Born", and to be honest the track sort of wrote itself. I hope it's the first of many collaborations, and we're working on co-producing a track now with my original vocals over it as well." I  am looking  forward to seeing what these two talented artists have in store next!

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