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Will Sparks - "The Viking"

Over the last 6 months, the Melbourne scene has exploded into the international arena with a handful of new artists receiving serious attention on Beatport and the blogosphere. One such producer, Will Sparks, sits at the forefront of this movement, having released a number of chart-topping tracks: namely “Ah Yeah” and “Chemical Energy”, both of which were heard in almost every Melbourne house mix for a period of time.  His latest track, “The Viking”, continues in this genre but takes a subtler approach to the mid that has become a signature.  Starting off with a playful, rounded slap piano introduction, the song soon becomes an undulating monster of bass atop a stomp-inducing beat.

Stream: Will Sparks - The Viking (Original Mix)

Not sure when Will Sparks will be making it to the U.S., but it can’t be soon enough. And, if you are a fan of Melbourne House, I recommend keeping tabs on the Dirty Sessions Podcast to get your fill.

Will Sparks - Viking

Will Sparks

"The Viking"

  • Onelove
  • 2013-04-18


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