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Jon Hopkins - "Open Eye Signal"

With a highly anticipated and long overdue album  scheduled for June 3, London electronic producer Jon Hopkins has released overwhelming and evolving track "Open Eye Signal". It has been four years since Hopkins' last LP Insides hit shelves, but he was never considered out of the music scene as his experimental and transportive sound warranted him space on collaborations with King Creosote and in Coldplay's "Life in Technicolor".

Working with an overall organic approach "Open Eye Signal" celebrates how far electronic production has come. Through nearly eight minutes Hopkins traverses an enigmatic atmosphere, building off of ambient and techno roots to transcend previous human interaction within the digital space. Hopkins manages to create a living entity filled with the typical slopes and peaks that are experienced within a lifetime. Hopkins explores every sound used in "Open Eye Signal", as they are meticulously placed within the confines of the song in order to inject a feeling of life into the listener.

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Jon Hopkins


  • 06-03-2013
  • Domino
Ambient · Electronica · Techno


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