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CJ Fly - "The Error" (Prod. Cookin' Soul)

Don't ask me how, but I predicted that this CJ Fly-Cookin' Soul partnership would happen about eight months and change ago. But just like the guy who discovered fire, since I didn't put it down on paper, attesting to doing it does me as much good as a too-little-too-late Rick Ross apology. Then again, claiming powers of foresight regarding refreshing-but-unexpected linkups might not be as impressive in a world where Jakarta Records exists. Along with a handful of other labels, Jakarta is filling the many potholes left unfilled over the years in the hip-hop landscape.

Following one of my favorite producer signatures, "Cookin' Soul!...", Fly goes at a moody piano-licked beat like a guy coming into his own. Expectations have been high for him since he partnered with Joey Bada$$ on "Hardknock", and if "The Error" is any indication, those expectations were right on the money. He's got lyrics for miles, and a flow that continues to improve.

Serving as a tribute to late Pro Era chum Capital STEEZ, "The Error" is an important first step on the path to CJ's debut mixtape. A debut seems much delayed at this point, but the Pro Era crew have gone through a horde of ups and downs in the past months. At a young age, Fly seems relentless in the face of adversity. He raps, "we came so far so I'm going to aim for the stars." Somewhere up there, STEEZ has been watching the upward trajectory with a smile.


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