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Daddy's Groove, Cryogenix - "Tilt" (Club Mix)

Just a few weeks ago Daddy’s Groove gave us their top ten chart in the seventh installment of Earmilk’s influencer series. Today the guys have teamed up for the second time this year with another Italian trio, Cryogenix, to deliver the electro house track “Tilt," out now off Spinnin Records. With percussive breaks and minimal melody, the song leans towards the tech end of the spectrum while still packing a nice punch. Daddy’s Groove has a number of shows across Europe, so check their Facebook page for event locations and dates.

Stream: Daddy's Groove, Cryogenix - Tilt (Club Mix)


Daddy’s Groove, Cryogenix

“Tilt” (Club Mix)

  • Spinnin Records
  • 2013-04-12
Electro House


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