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Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA - "Turn It Up" (Feat. Wolfpack)

It seems like every other post I write is about Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, the Belgian duo who have seen record success over the last two years. In 2013, the two have already released three huge tracks:  the tribal-influenced “Wakanda”, “Madness” with Lil Jon and Coone, and the highly anticipated, festival-smashing “Mammoth”. To keep up their average of one mega track per month, the guys have teamed up with GTA and Wolfpack to bring us “Turn It Up”, out now on Musical Freedom. Like this year's previous tracks, it's built for packed stadiums and wild crowds, and though the drop definitely reminds me of the recent “Hit It!”, the build up to the climb imparts a sense of majesty that makes the track its own.

Stream: Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA - Turn It Up (Feat. Wolfpack)

While Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike enjoy continued success, I think we are witnessing the rise of a new star with GTA. The Miami natives Matt Toth and Julio Mejia have been credited with some of the most ear-catching songs of the season, namely the aforementioned "Hit It!" and their work with Diplo on the inspired Missy Elliott remake "Boy Oh Boy". These are two to keep an eye on.


Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & GTA

“Turn It Up” (Feat. Wolfpack)

  • Musical Freedom
  • April 8, 2013
Dance · Progressive


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