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Lexy and the Kill - "We Can Dance Alone" [Video Premiere]

The first tracks heard from Lexy and the Kill, “Rope Swing” and “Black Dog”, caught the attention of a few well-trusted online tastemakers at the beginning of the year. In all likelihood this was due to the immediate impression given by Lexy’s powerful voice, her raw emotion and the self assured potential that she exhibits. Now the young Scottish-born songwriter appears adamant to cause a real splash with her debut single, this time fully exploiting the backing of her sharp dressed band proudly representing “the Kill”.

“We Can Dance Alone”, produced by The Nexus (Hurts/Lana Del Ray), goes on to achieve two more things: first, it contributes to the popular sentiment projected by virtually every Hollywood movie — that people in love will run everywhere. But also, and perhaps more importantly, it assures us of Lexy and the Kill’s ability to produce a stunning indie-pop song — and that ain’t no bad thing.


“We Can Dance Alone” along with a b-side “The Ballad of Love and Hate” is due for release June 4.

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