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Laurent Garnier - "Jacques in the Box" [Remixes]

Pedro Winter’s seminal Ed Banger Records isn’t the cultural phenomenon that it once was, but their latest release is sure to be buzz-worthy: pairing Bromance poster boys Brodinski and Gesaffelstein for a remix of Laurent Garnier’s 2012 cut “Jacques In The Box." The French techno-heads have been refining their respective sound for the past year, and their remixes often have a transformative effect, punching up and dialing in the original track to create a whole new experience. Amazingly, despite their continued collaboration over the years, this is the first remix credited to both of them.

This release is no different, slowing the original down to right around 100 BPM for a hypnotic, persistent vibe that, save for a familiar synth chord here and there, renders Garnier’s original all but unrecognizable. Brodinski’s trademark distorted G-house vocals drone “Jacques” over Gesaffelstein’s reverb-drenched clicks and hisses, before the kick drum comes in and reminds everyone to start moving. A dancefloor classic on cough syrup, the slow-motion “Jacques in the Box” is fantastic release that melds the two producers’ styles flawlessly.

Stream: Laurent Garnier - Jacques In the Box (Brodinski & Gesaffelstein Dirty Sprite Remix)

Brodinski and Gesaffelstein are both working the European circuit for the time being, but keep your eye on summer festival lineups as they are released, as these two are sure to be stateside for a few.

Stream: Laurent Garnier - Jacques In the Box (Chicago Bordelo Remix)

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