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J Majik & Wickaman - "Lift Me Up" Feat. Kate Loveridge (Rewind! Remix) [Exclusive]

J Majik & Wickaman have been destroying dancefloors since 2008. When their anthem "Crazy World" topped UK charts, they knew it was their time to blow minds. Needless to say, their releases on the Metalheadz and InfraRed Music labels have been nothing but sub-rocking monsters.

In anticipation of their new album, Out Of Sight, the dynamic duo are releasing their single "Lift Me Up", featuring Kate Loveridge, accompanied by remixes from two of UK's fresh talents—Guzzla and Rewind!. Below we have the latter, a monster 170 BPM drum 'n' bass refix that gets the crowd skanking and stepping with little to no effort.

I can see it now: the dancefloor packed, hoodies up, sweat trickling down all the beautiful faces... then, BOOM! Kate's vocals surface, the kicks double in time, and the crowd goes ape. Subs blaring and hearts pounding, "Lift Me Up" can be heard from miles away. This is a spinback tune if I've ever heard one.

If this single tells us anything, it's that Out Of Sight is going to be a massive album with massive repercussions (no pun intended). Be on the lookout for it on the charts, because once it's out it's going to soar! Until then, grab the preorder of the full "Lift Me Up" EP on iTunes, as if that's enough to satisfy your hunger for the full album!

Stream: J Majik & Wickaman feat. Kate Loveridge - Lift Me Up - Rewind! - Radio Edit (RedMaster) [EARMILK EXCLUSIVE]

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