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Litte Daylight - Overdose (Tippy Toes Remix) [Earmilk Premiere]

Having released their first single, "Overdose", to universal praise (and a top spot on the HypeMachine), our formally-favorite-remixers-turned-favorite-up-and-comers Little Daylight have begun to pass a metaphorical torch- the remix torch... I guess... 

"Overdose" is now making its way through the hands of several beloved semi-'under ground' producers (namely Los Angeles' Twice as Nice and Ghost Loft, respectively), and today that trend continues with the premier of an "Overdose" remix by Brooklyn's Tippy Toes.

Tippy Toes is currently composed of Abe Seiferth and Morgan Wiley, who met while working at DFA's recording studio (Abe was engineering, and MOrgan was supplying keys for LCD Soundsystem). After discovering that their studio spaces were next door to one another in Brooklyn, the two began to do some after-hours musical experimenting. That tinkering gave way to some substantial musical goodness, and it wasn't long before Abe and Morgan began playing at parties and shows. Now, there's disheveled and unshaven music bloggers writing about them in coffee shops in Santa Barbara, California. What a world. 

You can find Tippy Toes' take on Little Daylight's "Overdose" below, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their debut release with Brooklyn's Let's Play Records this coming May.  

Note: While your eyes are peeled, a bird has told me that  to be on the lookout for a new Little Daylight single in reasonably near future. And for you NYC-ers, you can catch Little Daylight's New York performance debut at Santo's Party House with Goldroom and Alex Metricon April 4th- that would certainly worth checking out if you're in the area... For more info on Santo's Party House, check out Little Daylight's Facebook page, or maybe you should just try to get ahold of Santo?

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