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No Joy - "Lunar Phobia"

So spring is officially here, but if it brought nothing for you but winter's sloppy seconds, here's a brand new track from No Joy to get you in the mood for the longer, warmer nights that lie ahead. "Lunar Phobia" is the official single off the Montreal quartet's forthcoming release, Wait to Pleasure, available April 23rd from Mexican Summer.

No Joy is the lovechild of what started out as a long-distance collaborative effort between musicians Laura Lloyd and Jasmine White-Glutz. Once they were signed to Mexican Summer, the pair expanded to a foursome, and have since been highly typified as a shoegaze unit, on account of their buried vocals and amorphous sound. If you're familiar with any of No Joy's earlier work you'll notice "Lunar Phobia" has the same cool, uncomplicated vibe as the tracks found on 2010's Ghost Blonde, however it is noticeably less melancholic. It's the perfect laid-back dreamy groove that you can easily get lost in while waiting to emerge from your winter coma. 

Dreamwave · Indie · Shoegaze


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