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#Mashup Monday - Week 83

Mashup Monday - we're back again with some of the freshest mashes to start your week off right. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO!

After a great weekend, it always seems as though Monday comes quicker than expected and with it bringing the "joys" of work, school, and other "fun" activities. However, a plethora of 20 mashups and a full album stream courtesy of my boy Bruneaux will make any Monday bearable. Starting off with a creative mashup by The Hood Internet, "Suit and Commercial" combines two of the current most talked about artists - Justin Timberlake and Daft Punk. If you haven't heard of JT's "Suit & Tie" or that Daft Punk is poised to release another album this coming Spring, then you've been (unfortunately) living under a rock. However, the duo that is The Hood Internet whip up a fun and fresh mash that should easily garner you some musical credibility among your friends.

Another mashup of note is g4gorilla's "Here I Go Again With Zina" that had me smiling from the get-go. It's a mashup that seemingly wouldn't cause you to move your body, but before you know it you're bobbing your head, tapping your feet, and snapping your fingers in unison with the beat. With an upbeat remix of Babylone's "Zina" done DJ S!dox, "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake provides a surprisingly appropriate vocal pairing. Continuing on, we have 2 mashups given to us by DJ Topsider. "Expensive Taste" is a 1 v 1 mashup giving Angel Haze the nod on top of Jackal's "Bounce", creating a catchy and hard hitting mash. The second is "Twerk" which utilizes samples from Diplo to Nicki Minaj  to Alesia & DJ Snake. I'm not completely sold on Nicki's vocal sample, but one can't deny the creativeness of the mash...and that's why I'm an ever-increasing fan of Topsider.

Finally, I want to go back to Bruneaux's Creature of Habit album. If you remember his Pure Magic album from a year ago, then you know that Bruneaux is a avid lover of multi-sample tracks. Creature of Habit does nothing to break that habit, and more importantly a habit that Bruneaux does well. With 262 samples spread out over only 10 tracks, you're in store to be educated on a variety sample pairings and most certainly going to hear music manipulated in a manner that you could never even imagine. So do yourself a favor and press play on not only the album, but the rest of the tracks below.

Download: The Hood Internet - Suit And Commercial (Justin Timberlake x Daft Punk)

Download: g4gorilla - here i go again with zina (Babylone vs DJ S!dOx vs Whitesnake)

Download: Rems79 - Rolling in the deep vs Sirius (Adele x Alan Parsons Project)

Download: Cazzette - Take Over Downfall (Michael Scott Bootleg)

Download: Shahar Varshal - White Secrets (Billy Idol x OneRepublic)

Download: Phil RetroSpector - Time Out From Teardrops (Massive Attack x Goldfrapp)

Download: ViC - FCL vs. Claptone

Download: MashMike - Rhythm Of Pleasure (Tube & Berger x Snap!)

Download: Michael Scott - One More Colossal Midnight Disposition (Michael Scott Bootleg)

Download: RRodd - Gettin' Up Into Darkness (Marcus Miller vs. Bob Marley) [Short Version]

Download: Monarchy - Video Games vs Phoenix Alive (Lana Del Rey x Monarchy)

Download: DRA man - So what the bloody fuss? (Grieves x Stevie Wonder)

Download: DJ 21azy - Gold Night Old (Trinidad James x Martin Solveig x Torro Torro)

Download: The Knocks & Fred Falke - Geronimo Mega Edit (The Knocks x Fred Falke x Aylen x Lazerdisk Party Sex) - 7A - 128

Download: DJ Topsider - Twerk (Diplo & Nicky Da B x Nicki Minaj x Alesia & DJ Snake)

Download: DJ Topsider - Expen$ive Ta$te (Angel Haze x JACKAL)

Download: YesYou - This Love Fover (MGMT x Jay-Z)

Download: Stylust Beats - RELEASE YO CAMANCHE (Method Man x Heyoka)

Download: The Reborn Identity - Would You Stay? (Fleetwood Mac x Delphic x Shiro Sagisu)

Download: Troika - Easy (Porter Robinson & Mat Zo x Daft Punk x Pink)

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8 years ago

props on that g4gorilla mix. great stuff

8 years ago

Awwww yeah!
You just made my day Gutz.
MM always gets me productive and plugging away at work.

8 years ago

Thank you!!! I await the Mash-up Mix release each week. Keep them coming ;)

8 years ago

I love this so much but it cannot be called mash up monday if it getting posted later in week. not trying to hate, because this stuff is too good, but used to be a monday thing to look forward to

8 years ago
Reply to  playlistjunkie

You're 100% correct. Unfortunately, I'd been a little tied up and lost power Monday due to a storm. However, I'll certainly make every attempt to get it posted earlier on Monday. Hopefully you enjoyed this week's segment regardless :)

Evan Partch
8 years ago
Reply to  playlistjunkie

seriously. i get a little angry when suicide sundays or mashup mondays are not posted on time - or not posted at all.

Léo Cochina
8 years ago

Dope Dope DOpe. as always !