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Chance the Rapper - "Good Ass Intro" (feat. John Legend and BJ the Chicago Kid) [Video]

Chance the Rapper dropped the video for "Good Ass Intro" and can we just say, this is an aptly titled track if we've ever seen one. It's not just the track, though--the video is pretty good ass too. Based on the track alone, there's much to love about its musical vibrancy. The 19-year old's strangely syncopated flow is guided by beautiful harmonic vocals--of which include John Legend and BJ the Chicago Kid, might we add--then locks it all down with full-bodied instrumentals, and just a touch of trap. Gospel-inflected vocals plus a strong flow usually make for an impressive track, so we're not quite sure why the equation isn't employed more often. Nonetheless we're glad Chance takes it there. And we haven't even gotten to the video yet.

Considering the young Chicago emcee's next release is titled Acid Raps, the video, directed by OJ Hays, fits in well with its psychedelic animation and emotive bursts of texture and color. We've been impressed with Chance since he first broke the scene with 10 Day and here again, we're reminded of why. Acid Raps drops on April 30.



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