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Snowmine - "Silver Sieve" [Video]

When a band issues live performances which mirror their studio works so closely that the discrepancies feel microscopic, they've managed a feat that harkens back to the legends of yesteryear. Too often in this day & age of manufactured superstars do we find ourselves dwelling in the bedrock of our favorite artist's live sets only to walk away underwhelmed. It's a testament to the progression our studio technology—and therefore productional ability—has been subjected to over the past decade or so. However, what is a step forward in many ways has resulted in the bureaucracy of our industry's powerhouses taking advantage of these advances, essentially depriving our top charts and popular taste of any real talent. Everyone sounds good with auto tune, but take that away and showcase a band in a raw, truthful scenario like a concert—you'll be hard pressed to find ten artists on the top 20 charts that conquer such exhibitions as well as Snowmine.

Next week, we'll be showcasing their talents and exploring both their prior and future works in an artist feature and interview, however for now we're just keying you in on the new. While the album and it's details remain an enigma, their recent release of the video for "Silver Sieve" hints at what's to come from the anticipated sophomore release. The video is comprised of extracts from a larger work by Martin Francis Shields called Senestrorsum. It's an odd one, but it fits the song perfectly and captures the band's psychedelic image fairly well.


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