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Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia [Mixtape]

In recent years it has been argued that New York has lost its sound. Statements like that always ignite arguments: some will say that New York's sound has evolved and should no longer be seen as the '90s lyricism made world famous by Nas, Biggie, and Jay-z. This may be true, but regardless of the musical progression the '90s flow will always be a part of New York's history. I say that to say this– 16-year-old Bishop Nehru is a fresh face and voice who seemingly came out of nowhere. Old heads eagerly throw their hands up to rejoice in the resurgence of the classic New York sound in his music. His music may draw comparisons to his friend and fellow New Yorker Joey BadA$$. These two are leading the new wave of conscious rap for the next generation. Nehruvia is the first release from this humble youngster. Download it below and for those down in Texas he will be performing during SXSW so look out for him.

Download: Bishop Nehru - Her Ballad (Dymeclin) [Prod by. Zone]

Download: Bishop Nehru - Fickle Mind$ [Prod by. Ghost McGrady]

Download: Bishop Nehru - Moon&Stars (Feat. Raz Fresco) [Prod by. Raz Fresco]

Download: Bishop Nehru - Light Leak$ [Prod by. Ghost McGrady]

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