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MeLo-X - "God Magic"

MeLo-X must channel either the Capital-G or magic to be so multi-faceted. Talented, sure, but talent only gets you so far nowadays. Nowadays you "got to own your masters/Master's."  Keeping with the MeLo-X brand, MeLo bypasses the tired "mo' money,  mo' problems" bitchin' for something that would hit a studious, introspective emcee closer to home: student loans and taxes. EM puts on stamp on that.

9.5 out 10 times that's the levy breaking on Americans' unsuspecting heads, and not which Lambo to drive on Wednesdays. MeLo-X doesn't rap for listeners, blunt heads, fly ladies and prisoners, he raps for lecture listeners, hip-hop heads, cleaning ladies and prisoners of the grind. Sure, MeLo-X still has dreams of fame—"I got to have it"—but while other emcees head overseas to get head overseas, X is on a road to self-sufficiency. He wants the glitter involved, the fabric of a new suit, but also the improved morality, the fabric of a man who knows himself.

"God Magic" will be on his upcoming EP, GOD:Lo-FiPhoenix & Reo provide the mellow groove.

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