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Dillon Francis - "Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up)" [Official Music Video]

If anyone is remotely familiar with Dillon Francis, then they know that he is a jokester. He has a twitter bromance with @TacoBell, he even handed out a bunch of doritos locos tacos to random people for DJ awareness day. Hell, he did his own Harlem Shake video inside of a Taco Bell. Why? Because he is Dillon Francis, that is why. Yesterday Dillon graced us with this utterly ridiculous video for his latest release “Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up).” This video reminds me of the old jib jab videos, if they were directed by Tim & Eric. Dillon takes us on a magical journey, from MTV spring breakers, the double dream hands guy, and even into “Gangnam Style” for a hot minute. If there’s one thing Dills got its jokes, and this video certainly has the last laugh. Also be sure to check him out when he rolls through your city on his WURLD TURR with special guest Oliver

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