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Bibio - "À tout à l'heure"

Stephen Wilkinson, a.k.a. Bibio, is an English music producer who blurs the boundaries between indie and experimental electronic. His vocals tend to skip along each tune as the electronic beats makes waves and finds harmony with the lyrics. From album to album, it's somewhat hard to predict what type of sound he decides to go for. At times, it can be considered IDM, or folk, or both at the same time. But that's what keeps fans drawn to Bibio. He has this natural fluidity in his tunes that is hard to explain. With songs ranging from the likes of "Anything New" and "Lovers' Carvings", you'll find at least something of Bibio you'll like. Recently, Bibio released a tune called "À tout à l'heure", which will be his upcoming album Silver Wilkinson via Warp Records in May. This particular track kicks things off with a lo-fi acoustic guitar. And of course, other electronic effects and synths join the medley just before the vocals swimmingly drift into song. The catchy singing and the dynamic sounds in "À tout à l'heure" stays true to classic Bibio. You can snag your own copy on Bibio's Facebook page.

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