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Kaytranada - Kaytra Todo [EP]

Kaytranada, formerly known as Kaytradamus, is a Canadian beatsmith who focuses more on hip-hop and trap aspects while beat lacing. With a slew of  EPs and albums, he's already well on his way in making something big of his name. This versatile producer is capable of switching his game up from time to time, and if you had already browsed through his releases, you would understand. From experimental trap and hip-hop to glitch-like beats, he's covered a lot of scope in a relatively short amount of time. Some songs will throw a right jab at your jaw and knock you into your seat, while other songs may caress you and lay you gently on a grassy hill. 

His latest EP release, Kaytra Todo, which dropped February 26, marks his early path-making under his Kaytranada moniker. You'll find songs that are in that favored hip-hop and trap style, though he has thrown in a few curveballs as well, such as a track that incorporates lyrics from JMSN. There are also a couple of experimental tracks thrown in for good measure, making Kaytra Todo a grab bag of dynamic tunes. If you are a beat connoisseur, this particular producer should be on your palette. Stream the appetizers below. 

Play: KAYTRANADA - Don't Get It Confused

Play: KAYTRANADA - Hot Jazzybelle


Experimental · Hip-Hop


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