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Jeremy Olander - "Let Me Feel"

I'm not sure if this track needs any introduction.

Stream:Jeremy Olander - Let Me Feel (Original Mix)

Out today on Pryda Friends, "Let Me Feel" by Jeremy Olander is nothing short of mesmerizing. The track is mature for such the young Swedish producer: soothing, slightly upbeat beat, with a lead melody that's nothing short of impressive and refreshing for its innovation. Add in the retro, Motown vocals of Johnny Rivers of The Isley Brothers, and we've got ourselves a hit that absolutely makes Olander someone who we can look to with respect for his talent. "Let Me Feel" is a song that is current and nostalgic, and music that goes above current trends.

Olander is making both his debut performance in New York City and will appear during Miami Music Week - check him out and get tickets below!

Jeremy Olander

Let Me Feel

Pryda Friends


Dance · Progressive


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