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Blondfire - "Walking With Giants" (Shreddie Mercury Remix) [Exclusive Premiere & Download]

In the fall of last year, Blondfire, the sibling duo of Erica and Bruce Driscoll, released Where the Kids Are, a comeback to their first release in 2008, My Someday. Simultaneously melancholy and dreamy, the four-track production caught the ears of people worldwide, gaining notoriety in the blogosphere and garnering thousands of listens on Hypem.  Many attempts have been made to remix the release, with most sticking to the subdued sound of the original songs. However today’s redo, compliments of American DJ Shreddie Mercury, takes “Walking With Giants” in a whole new direction.  My favorite part comes when the chorus sings out on top of a stomping bass and clap beat, just begging you to dance.  As Erica Driscoll describes it:

I love how Shreddie Mercury remixed Walking With Giants!  He starts it out with only my vocal and a keyboard sound, and you don't know where it's going to go... Then it grows into an epic dance track!

Blondfire will be touring with AWOLNATION into late April, with dates posted all across the U.S.. Be sure to keep up with them and Shreddie Mercury for more indie pop/electro house releases.

Walking with giants


"Walking With Giants" (Shreddie Mercury Remix)

  • 2/28/13
Electro House


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8 years ago

Dope !!!