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Wobble Wednesday [Week 7]

For week 7 of Wobble Wednesday we’ve got some of my favorite minimal future beats courtesy of the production legend Four Tet, a few filth tracks from some up-and-comers in the dubstep game, and a little surprise track at the end.

Have a listen to this week's mix—those fifty-seven minutes and forty-two seconds are the reason I’ve spent upwards of a year honing my junglist skills. These guys make it look as easy as your mom pie.

Also, the UK Bass section comes in the form of a documentary, circa 2006. It has interviews from some serious legends in the dubstep world, including a young, fresh-faced Skream.



This is probably the greatest track name I’ve ever seen. Leave it to Four Tet to come up with something so ridiculous yet so fitting. It’s better than tracks named “ID”. I mean, what does that even stand for? Anyways, the following two tracks are pure Four Tet gold. Listen closely to the level of detail he puts in each. The man is a production genius.

Placed at the end of his FabricLive 59 set, “Locked” holds the spot as my favorite Four Tet track. Great song for meditation along with "Circling", if you’re into that sort of thing.

As if the Dumont original wasn’t good enough, Locked Groove took it and made it bouncy as hell. Even though it’s an old tune, I classify it as “future.”



Dubstep Documentary, 2006, Collective BBC



Probably the funkiest mix of “To A New Earth” on Kill Paris’ new EP. Gramatik knows exactly what to do behind the computer, and I love him for it.

This is a really good example of the more guitar-heavy side of dubstep. Gotta love it, especially when made correctly.

The Purity Ring original of "Belispeak" lacked a much-needed heaviness. Not saying it’s bad, just that PatrickReza's remix absolutely blows it out of the water.

We’re back with some wonky glitchstep (is that even a thing? It is now) that will blow your face off. Too bad it’s so short.



Ever since the Bassnectar remix of “Tap Ho”, I’ve been a fan of TC. This track further supports my position.

Some classic sub-focused drum ‘n’ bass. It’s a new record, but it holds fast to the roots of the sound

This is a pretty grimy remix of a crazy jungle track.



Twitchy trap with a foundation of sweet beat-skipping rhythms.

Sweet sample, sweeter beat. Really go hard to this one.

This LVX track is a very big indication that trap has officially merged with EDM. It started out as just remixes of electro and house tracks, and now we have original songs featuring that crossover sound. This one in particular reminds me of the trap remix of “Spaceman”.

Starts off with an almost moombahton-style beat, but goes into a synthy juke/footwork beat. Might be good transition from heavy trapstyle to straight juke.

Similar vibes as Ookay’s “NYG” above.



The first moombahton track of Wobble Wednesday. It’s not new, but it’s damn good. Get low.



Ragga/Jungle/DnB – FreekOut (of the KrucaFux Team)

This is the mix that single-handedly got me into the Jungle sound. BOH! BOH!

1. Run Tingz Cru - Sweet Sunshine (feat Top Cat
2. Serial Killaz - Good Enough 
3. Deekline & Ed Solo - Sensi
4. Paella - Blaze It Up (ft. Million Dan) 
5. Run Tingz Cru & Blackout J A 8 - I Got Love 4U (ft. Lady MC
6. Deekline & Ed Solo - Champion Lover 
7. The Wildlife Collective - I Need A Dollar 
8. Deekline & Ed Solo - Ragga Tip (Walk & Skank) 
9. Amadeus - Positive Vibes (ft. Jahdan Blakkamore
10. Deekline & Ed Solo - Stickybuds Guaranteed 
11. Shameboy - Strobot (Netsky remix) 
12. Camo & Krooked - Vampires VIP 
13. Neonlight - The Frozen Tape 
14. Audio - Collision 
15. Ble3k - Jugulin 
16. Audio - Scanners 
17. Black Sun Empire - Extraction 
18. Phace - Cold Champagne


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  • Wobble Wednesday's suck now. I've been listening every week for a very long time and it's going downhill.

    Avatar Lewis February 28, 2013 12:18 PM Reply
    • What would you like to see?

      Avatar thiskidOverhere February 28, 2013 3:24 PM Reply
  • I admire the efforts you guys put in to sharing genres that other blogs don't dare to dip their feet in. Every once in a while I find a gem. This week has some good ones but nothing that amazing, hey we all have our own taste. Anyway keep it up, I'll always be listening

    Avatar gurgz March 6, 2013 6:08 AM Reply
  • I wish you guys would just go back to the format like you had before. I really liked that one. This seems kind of cluttered and just random. I like it though, just miss the original layout.

    Avatar slayer1801 March 12, 2013 9:22 PM Reply

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