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Citoonthebeat - "Doobies x Netflix" (Feat. Rome Fortune & Jgarc Beair) [Video Premiere]

Citoonthebeat (New Jersey) has teamed up with Jgarc Beair (Bushwick, Brooklyn) and Rome Fortune (Atlanta, Georgia) to bring their latest video for the track "Doobies x Netflix". Collectively these young artists have managed to bring a uniquely modern twist to the hip-hop sound by pairing witty lyricism with one's love for culture/lifestyle and polishing it with comedic interludes.

Each artist involved brings their own vision and direction to the project, blending their distinct styles to create a cohesive sound. Perhaps it's the fusion of three styles, varying by geography and the experiences that come with living life in Jersey, Brooklyn and the ATL but it's also the visible talent each artist manifests in his own right. Take the highly infectious melody, for instance, which sounds like a mixture of throwback classics with a whiff of something brand new on the horizon. The track itself, its overall style as well as the video work, may come off as a bit unorthodox but that's what you would expect from a group of forward-thinking artists who are clearly more concerned with presenting a new vision of hip hop than with reinventing the wheel. With representation from Jersey collective The CO, Brooklyn's DUEHART, and ATL's Rome Fortune, "Doobies x Netflix" is something of a new world order. Check out the video below. 


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