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Zaa - "Timebomb" (Feat. Molly Bancroft) [Audien Remix]

Producer Audien has really been expanding his musical palette lately. He’s found his success in progressive with his huge hit “These are the Days” that was released last year, and his last hit “Sup” was a great add to his electro house repertoire. Today, the American producer hits us back with a remix that falls somewhere in between his other tracks.

Stream: Zaa feat. Molly Bancroft - Timebomb (Audien Remix)

Returning to the calmer side of progressive house, he’s remixed “Timebomb” by Mexican newcomer Zaa, that features some great vocals by Molly Bancroft. Audien’s envision of the remix really takes us back to his earlier work – like his remix of “Just Once” by Databoy. It’s a mixture of progressive and trance, and makes for a beautiful reiteration of the original mix. 


Progressive · Trance


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