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Arty - "Together We Are" (Feat. Chris James)

"Together We Are" has long been featured in progressive trance artist Arty's radio show and live sets. The track, without an official release, gained enough momentum just from those features to be an iconic Arty track, indicative of the Russian prodigy's melodic chord-filled style. It's been picked up by radio show upon radio show and essential mixes alike, and for good reason.

Stream: Arty Feat. Chris James - Together We Are (Original Mix)

Today that track is finally released, with added vocals from Chris James. You might remember James as the Grammy-nominated vocalist whose vocals on Deadmau5's "The Veldt" were an internet sensation. And here, to say the least, the added bonus of vocals takes this track over the top. It's too often that we see vocals added to a beautiful instrumental track as a tardy, superfluous addition that masks a great original. But here, these vocals fit perfectly, highlighting the great composition as well as the superb production in the original mix.


Together We Are (Feat. Chris James)

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For those of you who didn't catch Arty at Exchange LA, check out more upcoming tour dates:

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