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Jacob van Hage & Oliver Heldens - "Thumper"

I have to say that I've been agreeing with the general dissatisfaction with what's come down of the electro house pipeline over recent weeks. With the overall complaint being that "everything sounds monotonous," I think I've found a track that breaks that lackluster streak. And even better, it's for a special occasion. 

Stream: Jacob van Hage & Oliver Heldens - Thumper (Original Mix)

This week, Dutchman Jacob van Hage partnered with newcomer Oliver Heldens to create an electro moment that may win you over if you've become jaded with the genre like I have. "Thumper" is a manifestation of van Hage's love for big room tracks, and also celebrates the relaunch of a record label that once brought artists like himself to the spotlight. Producers like Afrojack and Bingo Players got some of their first starts on Sneakerz MUZIK, and now that it's back up and running, we should all look forward to what hopefully could be a return of some great electro house.


Jacob Van Hage & Oliver Heldens

  • Sneakerz MUZIK
Dance · Electro House


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