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Dream Sick - "Warning"

If lo-fi, indie, or  shoegaze draw your interest, check out Tucson's own Dream Sick. They recently put out a taste of their upcoming album Morkkis and it shines bright, dare I say, like a diamond in the rough? Or better yet, like an oasis in the desert? What makes Dream Sick stand out in the indie crowd is their ability to encapsulate elements from multiple genres into their work.

The band's new song "Warning" begins with brief psychedelic texturing of guitar feedback that the song builds off of, jumping into a ballad-like structure fueled by vocals reminiscent of The National. The track quickly transforms into an indie anthem of wailing vocals layered behind the guitar while the beat chugs the song forward.

If this group is looking to give their city its own musical identity this is a pretty good start.

Download: Dream Sick - Warning

Dream Sick

Alternative · Indie · Lo-Fi · Shoegaze


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