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James Blake - "Retrograde" [Video]

James Blake just recently unveiled his infectious new single, "Retrograde", only a few days ago and now he's back with an equally stellar video for the track. It would seem to be a difficult task to visually capture the emotion that James infuses in the track but it looks like the videographer was up to the task. Being able to simultaneously convey a melancholy world surrounded in some type of bleek optimisim is pulled off perfectly. But, like many of you readers, I feel as though i'm randomly pulling any descriptive word I can think of only because James' music invokes very unexplainable emotions feelings and emotions. I challenge anyone to explain exactly what they feel when the track hits its peak at the 1:44 mark, even after your 100th replay. The track will officially be available on Monday, the 11th and available HERE. Enjoy.

Play: James Blake - Retrograde


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