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Chewy Chocolate Cookies - "BOOM"

I’ve been a big fan of Chewy Chocolate Cookies for years now, eagerly looking forward to his noise-filled productions that leave some elated and others nauseated (his remix of “Geremia” by Bondo Do Role used to drive my housemate crazy). From his online persona, I get the feeling that this just might be exactly what he wants – the kind of person who you have to take at face value, and enjoys life to the fullest. While most of my favorites from him are remixes, his most recent track “BOOM” caught my attention unlike some of his other original productions. Similar to many of his tracks, the melody remains dark and the noise unrelenting. However, it was the series of climbs in the second half that made this song stand out to me: one after another in succession, yet all uniquely different. Listen to his Chewy Cast every fourth Saturday of the month and keep tabs on his soundcloud for his Crème de la Crème minimix.

Stream: Chewy Chocolate Cookies - BOOM (Original Mix)


Electro House


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