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MRK1 - "Stand & Deliver" [EP Review + Interview] / "Dirty Mutt" [Exclusive Track]

Dubstep legend Mark One, or as he's more commonly known, MRK1, has recently released his newest EP entitled Stand and Deliver. This EP, although only including a single track plus a remix, also includes the radio mix and instrumental of the song which gives for massive use and exposure. "Stand and Deliver" is a mixture of dubstep, ragga and rock. The song features vocals of ragga MC's, Trigga and Flowdan, and uses heavy guitar riffs to mesh with the filthy bass that he injects into the track. The remix was done by fellow Tempa All-Star N-Type, which gives the track a deeper and heavier bass rhythm all while keeping the basic structure and vocals of the original song. Both producers, MRK1 and N-Type, have been around from the birth of dubstep and have seen it grow and spread throughout the world. Building off dubstep's roots and not adhering to mainstream culture, MRK1 uses his personal formula that worked so well throughout the years as well as including some modern twists from the original form of dubstep to create a sub shattering new single.

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MRK1 had a moment to answer a few questions with Earmilk about his past, future and some of his favorite artists these days. He was also gracious enough to include an exclusive track entitled "Dirty Mutt," which includes deep roaring bass with loud electro bleeps. Very particular to a classic 16Bit tune, circa 2010.

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Earmilk: Hey Mark, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. First off, can you give us a little background information on yourself?
MRK1: Hey, I’m MRK1 aka Mark One, I’m a dubstep producer and DJ, originally from Manchester in the UK. I’ve been producing for the last 13 years and I've been around since the beginning of dubstep. I started out making drum and bass in the early years and then started making music at 140 bpm that later developed into dubstep. On the back of producing I started DJing and I have since been lucky enough to play all over the world. 
LI: What drew you to producing drum & bass/grime/dubstep?
MRK1: I started producing drum and bass, which at the time was called Jungle music as it was my favorite music at the time. I got into it as I listened to it all the time and I wanted to have my take on it. I started using a very simple program called Rave Ejay, which believe me, was shit! However it gave me a good insight into how music was put together and produced. Soon after that I started using Cubase and really learned about music production. After doing drum and bass for a while I got a bit bored with it all and wanted to try something new. My friend Oris Jay was telling me about this new scene of music evolving which was at 140 bpm. So I gave it a go, and soon came dubstep.
LI: What was some of the inspiration for your track "Stand & Deliver"?
MRK1: When I was into drum and bass I was a HUGE MC Trigga fan, as most kids were back then. Triggs was one of the main reasons I started listening to the drum and bass music. Of that era, drum and bass ran the UK and I was brought up on it. Being from Manchester I got to know Trigga and really wanted to work with him due to him being such an influence when I was younger. We hooked up, got on really well then talked about working together, which we eventually did on "Stand and Deliver" and "Inna" for Profound Audio.

When I got into Grime music around 10 years ago, I was really into a group called Pay as You Go, which Flowdan was part of, and I was a big fan. So when I found out Trigga was friends with him, I wanted to get him involved on the track! I remember when I was younger I wanted to be an MC, which believe me, was never going to happen! I was terrible!

LI: What sets you apart from other DJ/producers today?
MRK1: I don’t know if it sets me apart, because there is so much talent out there now, but I do like to play good music. In my sets I play everything that I think is good and will get the party going. To me, the main thing is to keep the crowd happy, and go home saying that they had a great night! To do that I need to make sure I’m playing the biggest and best tunes. I spend all my time, when not producing looking for those tunes. 

In terms of production I’m always looking to make something fresh. I like to mix up genres, like with Stand And Deliver, which is a mix of many genres, dubstep, drum and bass, ragga, basement, and grime with some heavy weight UK MCs on. 

LI: Recently you've been dabbling with trap (i.e. "No Play Ting"), do you see this as a direction you'd like to continue moving?
MRK1: I’m a huge hip hop fan and trap has given me a good opportunity to get involved in give my take on it. I’ve been making load of trap recently as I love the bass and off key sounds. Its very similar to old school dubstep with a hip hop type beat, which works well for me. I’ve got a trap EP coming out soon on Virus Syndicate's label "Midication" which I’m really excited about. I make so many tunes all day everyday, expect to hear everything.
LI: Are there any artists that you haven't had an opportunity to work with that you'd like to?
MRK1: I’ve been lucky enough to work with a lot of the artists I’ve wanted to work with from the UK scene, but there’s still a lot I still want to work with from the USA. I'm into a bit of house every now and then, and there’s only a few people I’d want to work with, one of whom is DJ Chuckie who I have recently worked with on a track called "Mek Money". This tune is coming out on Atlantic records in the States in 2013 so look out for that. I have some great collabs coming up but I’m holding it down until they come out...You’ll be surprised. 
LI: What are a few of your favorite tracks from other artists these days?
MRK1: There’s so many tracks at the moment I feeling but I'm so bad with names. Usually, anything by Virus Syndicate, Skream, Flux Pavilion and Benga, to name only a few…
LI: And lastly, do you have any last minute messages to the fans out there?
MRK1: I’d like to say thanks for all the support of the years, very much appreciated! I like to keep in contact with you guys so hit me up via Twitter... @MRK1DUBSTEP
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