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Crazibiza - "My Lips" [Remixes]

I love when artists recognize the importance of updating staple, nostalgic tracks to keep them current enough to be mixable. This week, Hungarian house heavyweights Crazibiza release their remix package EP My Lips that does just that. Using a hook that is quite familiar (you'll recognize it, happily), the original track is one that takes us back through the history of house music from its beginnings. With its roots in disco from the 1970s that were later re-purposed for British one hit wonder Madison Avenue's iconic 1999 track "Don't Call Me Baby," the new reworks maintain those elements that kept the originals so unforgettably popular, but with the harder house edge added that's developed since.

Serg and Kieron of British duo My Digital Enemy have been extremely busy in the past few months, with an impressive string of releases all out on their own Zulu Records. This remix of "My Lips" brings a bit more of an electro-fied edge than we're used to from the guys, and the voice is one that translates well. Canadian producer Simon Doty, though only breaking out in 2012, tags along on the EP and also shows why labels like PornoStar Records have taken notice to his productions - they're classic, groovy fun house.

Stream:Crazibiza - My Lips (Simon Doty Remix)

Stream:Crazibiza - My Lips (My Digital Enemy Remix)




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