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Grizzly Bear - "Gun-Shy" [Video]

After watching Grizzly Bear's new video for "Gun-Shy" you will probably have more questions then you went in with, but as the saying goes somethings are better left unsaid. If there is anything to say about Grizzly Bear to this points it is that they are not to be questioned as whatever they are doing seems to be working exceedingly well. While they have progressed through four studio albums you are showcased a constantly maturing band that has grown from a cracking seed into a flourishing bud. This is where Grizzly Bear now find themselves -- at the top of their respective game.

The video for "Gun-Shy" offers up some surreal images of the band taking things from their body which, according to director Kris Moyes, is a metaphor for extracting creativity. As no one knows where our creative nature actually comes from the video showcases shots of the band members having blood, tears, skin and nails taken from them. The video was shot in Germantown, New York where even the scenery can be thought of as a metaphor for the bizarre nature that is Grizzly Bear, complete with their longing vocals and adventurous direction.

"Gun-Shy" if off of Brooklyn based Grizzly Bear's 2012 album Shields released by Warp Records -- purchase the album below.

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