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Late Night Alumni - Live From The Great Hall, Part 1 [Video]

Late Night Alumni have been operating on the down low for quite a while now, considering their first album dropped in 2005 with the now renowned track “Empty Streets”. This track was part of Kaskade’s (aka Ryan Raddon) 2010 album Dynasty, and featured the vocals of Becky Jean Williams, who also sings the album’s opening song, “Start Again”.

Eight years later, the band, which also includes Finn Bjarnson and John Hancock, will put out The Beat Becomes A Sound, Late Night Alumni’s fourth album, dropping on January 29 via Ultra Music. In conjunction with the release, a six-part video series has been created from their show at the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. In it you will see not only the performances but also the challenges of creating a live performance for a band that has so long operated remotely. Watch it, if only to get chills from seeing some of your favorite songs performed live.


Late Night Alumni

The Beat Becomes A Sound

  • Ultra Music
  • 1/29/2013
Electronic · House · Videos


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