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Dido - "No Freedom" (j.viewz Remix)[Click to Listen]

Dido is set to release her brand new album, Girl Who Got Away, on March 26th. And her first single, "No Freedom" will be available  on iTunes, starting February 19th. Now, no real introduction for Dido is needed because we all crave her music, regardless of the information presented. But, one thing that sets this project apart from her previous projects is that she has decided to team up with various producers to release various official remixes of her  single. And, one of the most impressive ones comes from grammy nominated producer j.viewz who we've featured before. j.viewz has taken Dido vocals and the instrumental and given it a very sweet dream-like feel. In order to accomplish this, j.viewz actually recorded most of the various channels to cassette and 1/4" tapes to get the desired sound. Hearing that Dido is releasing a new album is already dream like and this remix only accentuate the euphoric experience. Enjoy.


Dido - "No Freedom" Original Track



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